Mobius was founded in April 2010.


Mobius was founded by John M. also known by his torch name circle, in early 2010. John has been a full-time glassblower since November of 1999. Becoming disillusioned with what the future may hold for him if he completed a BA in music performance, he decided to drop out of college and take an apprenticeship at a small shop in the San Fernando Valley. It was there where he first began to learn about real life, the meaning of intensely hard and hot work and the magic of molten glass. 


Almost 18 years later he still finds great satisfaction working with his hands and making art glass that functions well and is nice to look at.


Mobius is an ever evolving premium scientific glassblowing company consisting of a small crew of highly skilled craftsmen. Our sole intention is to make innovative products as perfectly as we can. We commit to respecting the intellectual property, ideas and designs of all other glass artists and companies and are grateful for the collective momentum their skills bring into the borosilicate glass medium.