About our Crew

Our crew is smaller than you might imagine.

The current Mobius Crew consists of 4 people. Two finishers (John being one), a finisher’s assistant, and a cold worker. All crew members are considered equal in each other’s eyes. Seniority does not exist in the Mobius shop, just respected levels of skill. We are all people in a building who rely on each other equally. All crew members have been trained by John exclusively and most now have skills far beyond their specific position. John believes in hiring people with integrity, not excellent glassblowers. A solid person can be guided into an excellent glassblower, but it doesn’t always work the other way around. When small group of people spend so much time together, it’s important that they can all truly enjoy being around each other so we can grow as humans. The skills of our crew have developed slowly. John does not hide his techniques or information. He does not believe in NDA’s or threat. It is free flowing knowledge with the hope that the Mobius crew can all be as talented as possible, while having faith that our shop ideas and techniques stay in the minds of those who have discovered them. A company built on this type of foundation takes years to develop and now John learns from his crew in the same way they’ve learned from him. It compounds.